How do I know what bets can be combined in a Same Game Parlay?

- The best way to build a Same Game Parlay is by selecting a game and clicking on the Same Game Parlay section. This will filter to all of the betting markets that are eligible to be combined into a Same Game Parlay. 

- We also have a new option that allows you to combine multiple Same Game Parlays into a single parlay. By going into the Same Game Parlay tab, you are able to make selections from the Same Game and combine them with wagers from other games. If there is no Same Game Parlay tab, then that market may not support Same Game Parlays yet. 

- Note: Even if you are using the Same Game Parlay tab, this does not mean that all wagers are eligible to be combined. This will typically be due to wagers in the bet slip being correlated events. For example, in NHL markets, you may not be able to bet a player to score a goal, and a player on that same team to record a point.