What Statements are available and how can I access them?

You are able to see a detailed view of both your Game History and Bonus History within the My Account section. In addition, we offer an exportable combined table of Gaming History and Banking History located in the Transactions section of My Account. 

Login to your account then navigate to the ‘My Account’ tab (Locations - Web: Top Right, on iOS: Bottom Center, on Android: Top Left Hamburger Menu). 

The Game History section allows you to see details regarding your Casino gameplay. Filter by your selected timeframe, and see a detailed list of your Casino gameplay.

Click on the ‘Open’ button to view details about individual game turns.

Navigate to the Bonus History section to see details regarding your bonuses. Filter by your selected bonus status, and click the dropdown to see the details of each individual bonus.

Lastly, you are able to view a combined, exportable table of your Gaming History and Banking History in the Transactions section.

Select your ‘Transaction Period’, and filter by ‘Transaction Type’ to limit the type of transactions you see.

At this point you will see your transactions. You can also click the 'All', 'Gaming' or 'Banking' tabs to jump between the three. Clicking the 'Export' button will export the selected transactions as .CSV file.