How do I set a loss limit?

You can set daily, weekly or monthly Loss Limits, which will prevent you from being able to lose more than a specified amount during the specified period. When a player selects a loss limit, the limit will be instantly applied to the account. If the player exceeds their limit within, they will receive an error message and will not be able to continue to play.

Any decrease you wish to make to your limits will be applied immediately. If you wish to increase or remove your limits, the change will not become effective until after 24 hours has passed since your request and then will automatically change on your account.

To set a Loss Limit, login to your account then navigate to ‘My Account’ tab (Locations: on PC/MAC: Top Right, on iOS: Bottom Center, on Android: Top Left Hamburger Menu).


Scroll to the ‘Loss Limits’ section of the page, fill out the form to your preference then select the ‘Confirm’ button.